Monday, September 22, 2014

How To deal with Pre-Mature Grey Hair, Causes, and Quick Fix Remedies, Prevention

A lot of you have been asking me on how to get rid of pre-mature grey hair, how to stop it, what is causing it, etc. so I did a little research and found out that premature grey can be caused by either


2. Health conditions

3. Genetics- which is really the most common thing for most people because I do personally know some people and couple of friends of mine who have grey hair in their 20's or in their teens.

4. You are Vitamin B deficient specifically Vitamin B 6- because it helps create melanin which gives your hair its color and Vitamin B5 prevents your hair from graying and hair loss as well and Vitamin B-12.

5. Also, if you have thyroid gland problems can actually cause premature graying of the hair.

In one article I read it state that:

"The Utah School of Computing reported in their health pages that an early onset of gray hair can be linked to a lack of pantothenic acid or the absorption of it. Pantothenic acid is the component of vitamin B5, which has been used in the recoloring of hair."

You can get all of these vitamins and more in a Vitamin-B complex Vitamins.

Also, Biotin helps as well because it naturally slows down the development of grey hair.

According to Causes of Grey Hair 

  • A serious disease like typhoid can also act as the catalyst for graying of hair.
  • Intake of too much of alcohol, tea and coffee can cause graying of hair as well.
  • Eating too many oily and fried foods is another reason for graying of hair.
  • Using excessive amount of spices in your food.
  • Integrating too many food items that are sour and acidic in your diet.
  • Not having essential nutrients like copper in your food can also cause grey hair as melanin’s production gets hit due to the deficiency.
  • Lack of Vitamin C and Vitamin B in your diet

If it's genetics then in most cases you can't really alter it, but you can always have a remedy for it.   

You can go for natural remedies or you can either get a quick fix. I find that going for natural remedies can take time for you to see results, it's definitely not going to be an overnight thing so you have to be patient with it until you see the results.

Now there are oils that you can also help you with in treating grey hair and that would be 

For the quick fix, you can simply dye your hair- You can either go for the permanent one or you can go for the healthy alternative and use Henna which is actually better for your hair.



1. Avoid getting Stressed and Smoking. These are the two top contributors that can possibly cause grey hair.

2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

3. It's also best to go for some natural or mild shampoos and conditioners. 

4. Take Vitamin Supplements

5. Eat Healthy

6. Exercise


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